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Download Internet Explorer 7?
Alright I downloaded the new Internet Explorer 7 and i don't like it is there a way to switch back to Internet Explorer 6???
Also If I Do Uninstall it i'm afraid that i'm not going to be able to use internet any more because i deleted Internet Explorer 7


How do I Uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer 7? = http://articles.techrepublic.com.com/510...36194.html


I just finished uninstalling explorer 7 five minutes ago cuz it sucked bad. go to add/remove programs and look for it on the list. once you uninstall explorer 7 it will go back to explorer 6 on it's own, just restart you computer when it tells you too.
Im sure if you just uninstall it it should go back to the previous internet explorer 6, your probally better off downloading explorer 6 then uninstall 7!
hope this helps some....


maybe you can do to http://www.download.com and search for internet explorer 6.

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