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microsoft excel. HELP ME!!!?
k, so on microsoft excel, im trying to make a graph for population of the U.S. between 1870 and 1940. and the years r supposed to go on the x axis, but i cant get them to show up. the x axis just has like the numbers 1-8, for each bar


You don't say what version of Excel you are using, so I'll assume that it is Excel 2003 or earlier.

You want to create a line (or maybe column) chart, so select your population data (but not the years). Go to Insert --> Chart and create a line (or column) chart. On the second dialog box of the Chart Wizard, click the Series tab. At the bottom is an edit box labeled "Category (X) axis labels" where you specify the location of the text that should be used for the X-axis labels. Click in that box and then select your years (1870 to 1940) in the spreadsheet.

If you have already created the chart, then right click on a blank area of the chart and choose Source Data. Then follow the instructions above.




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