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Upgrading from windows vista to 7 question?
I currently have windows vista home premium installed on my computer.Can I move to windows 7 professional, by buying a windows 7 pro upgrade CD, or do I have to buy a full copy?Or I can only buy a windows 7 home premium upgrade and move from home premium vista to windows home premium 7?


You can only upgrade to an identical version, so from Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium. If you wish to use Windows 7 Professional instead, you would currently need to own a license for Windows Vista Business. Since you do not, you will need to purchase the retail copy of Windows 7 Professional instead of purchasing an upgrade. You will then need to perform a clean installation. Sorry.


Sorry, no. You can only upgrade the same type. For example

Vista Basic ---> 7 Basic

You will need to do a clean install with W7 Pro or purchase W7 Home Premium.

I recommend a clean install. The upgrade can be really buggy.
You have to upgrade to the same version. So, if you have Home Premium, you can ONLY upgrade to Home.

If you *do* do the upgrade route, remember two items. First, 32b to 32b and 64b to 64b ONLY. You can't upgrade from 32b to 64b, nor downgrade from 64b to 32b.
Secondly, when doing the upgrade route, you are legally agreeing to the requirement that your old OS and Security Key be obseleted. Essentially, unless you plan to go back to Vista from W7, your current install and Security Key become Void and non-transferrable.

Besides...while more expensive, it's almost always better to do a complete install instead of an upgrade. Fewer problems, and less likely to kill the computer by a failed upgrade/repair.

Good Luck!


Hi Tom,

You cannot move from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional with an upgrade disc. However, you can move from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Ultimate (Ultimate is one step up from Professional). This chart will show you your upgrade options - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windo...-windows-7

Hope this helps, and hope you enjoy Windows 7!

Microsoft Windows Outreach

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