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Why did he do this?
My ex and I got into this HUGE fight 2 months ago.
Where mean things were said on both sides and I thought he said he didn't want to be friends or whatever.
We didn't talk for 2 months.

I tried to talk to him a couple of times, but he never responded.
We play in the same soccer league on sundays, and 3 weeks ago, I saw him and tried talking to him but all he said was "sorry, can't talk"

I was blocked on Facebook.
So I guess he unblocked me

Until yesterday, when I messaged me on Facebook, saying "you wanted to talk the other day? I'm listening…." so I responded with "hi" and he goes "that's all you have to say?"
So we were kind of texting for a little bit but he stopped responding… lol

I apologized for the arguments, and he says "apology accepted"

Why would he message me??
And then why would he not respond??? I'm so confused
Is him not responding him trying to make me not eager? Or to "play it cool"? (he was never a big texter anyways)

And when him and I were friends, there would be times where we would be in the middle of a convo and he'd stop responding

I definitely don't think he has a new girlfriend.
I want to know if him and I can talk today, in person

So I messaged him on Facebook today and said "you obviously won't talk until I say what I wanted to say, so here -I don't understand why the argument (the one I apologized for) made us stop being friends lol" but I don't think he has read it yet


He's your ex. I think you can afford to stop thinking about him so much.

However, if you insist on continuing to think about him, I can see why he was annoyed when he made an effort to reach out simply to find out what you wanted to say and you responded with "Hi." He messaged you to hear your piece, you said it, he said "apology accepted" and the conversation is done. There's nothing more to talk about.

If you viewed each other truly as friends, you wouldn't care so much if he dropped out in the middle of conversation. Do you fuss this much about other friends of yours that you text? I kind of doubt it. It sounds like you still have feelings for this guy and you're blowing a lot of things out of proportion. You're broken up now and you need to move on. If that means you and your guy may not be friends, then so be it. You can make new friends. There's a lot of people on the planet. There's no need to continue talking to him, especially in person. You sent him a message on Facebook and you should really just let that be your last communication until he decides to reach out to you. You did the right thing, you apologized, and now you need to give each other some space. Go out with your friends, have fun, relax, and stop thinking about him.

I hope this helps. Good luck.



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