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YouTube Xbox 360 app error 4004 on startup?
Anyone else get this? It seems that every time I go on the app it immediately gives me the error 4004 screen and exits the app.
Is this a known error and are they working on a fix at all?




Plenty of people worldwide(myself included)have encountered this error.MS and Youtube have both been informend so hopefully they are working on a fix.

Apparently for some people deleting the youtube app,clearing the xbox system cache and then reinstalling the app has solved the problem.Didn't work for me but it's worth a shot
the issue was noticed yesterday some time and as an XBOX Ambassador, I can tell you that they are working on it.


Everyones having this problem right now, but there is hope, currently you can get around this by tabbing over to "Video" on the dashboard, there is sometimes an add for a youtube series and when you click on it you are brought to the youtube app, but skip the homepage, now that your in, just hit Y to search and go from there

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