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Yahoo messenger and my Cell phone HELP?
If i Use yahoo messenger on my phone will i get another charge even if i have unlimited text messaging?


Yahoo SMS Messenger is FREE, and keep in here are no hidden charges. and you will never get a bill from yahoo
The only charge is for SMS text messaging from service provider (IE unlimited plan or pay per message,)
f you are signed into Yahoo Mobile Web Messenger , the only cost to you is from your service provider, this may be a seperate charge. _Most plans include text and mobile web in messaging plan.
Cellphone company charges:
This would include for text messaging or Mobile web. It probably is best to have a mobile web package and unlimited texting.
PS: You cannot send pictures or attachments to yahoo mobile.

There are 2 ways to use Yahoo To use Yahoo SMS Messenger
1. sms messaging (text)to phone number
2 send messages to your Yahoo ID

You need to register your phone for SMS Messaging

To set up your phone
Open messenger
Go to Messenger (menu)
>>>you may want to select Login to Mobile when you sign out of Yahoo Messenger
this will almost assure you dont miss a message
click on Edit mobile
You will then be taken to MYMOBILE
Put in your information and verify your mobile.

there are a Couple of places that you can send SMS Messages from using Yahoo Messenger.
Yahoo Messenger
Yahoo Mail (New)
Yahoo Chat and Text (Yahoo mail classic)

>>You can send to Yahoo ID or Cellphone

To get to yahoo Mobile front page
new yahoo mobile front page
then click on Messenger

If you phone is compatible
Yahoo GO

List of phones



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