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I changed my name on Google Plus but it didn't change on YouTube?
I made a new YouTube channel called EpicToasterGaming but I wanted to change it to StayToasty so I changed the name on Google Plus but it didn't change my YouTube name, well it did if you look at the side bar on the picture I added but not on my actual channel. My channel is: http://www.youtube.com/staytoasty96
I've tried both of them answers it didn't work


Go to this and click change name: http://www.youtube.com/advanced_settings
Note: You must be logged into Google first.


The core of all google product and services name is the account/gmail name. Google plus is a service and has gmail as the only indirect connection. So you have to change your gmail name(s) and it will reflect on all your acounts, from youtube to google plus. Dont forget to vote my answer Big Grin
May be a conflict with your "Cookies''.  Simply delete them, along with your ''Cache''
(sometimes called Temporary Internet Files) and "History"; then shutdown & reboot.




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