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Ubuntu Compatible to all programs?
Is ubuntu compatible to Limewire, Call of Duty 6, Mozilla Firefox, google earth etc.

I don't like to run windows on ubuntu

And Is there a compatibility wizard or a software to make all programs run on ubuntu?


You can't run windows on Ubuntu. You can run it WITH Ubuntu.... Firefox, yes.
Call of Duty 6 would have to be on a PC/Windows/Mac, so no.

In other words, if you like Games, then you can't run solely on Ubuntu. Sorry.


Limewire, Firefox, Google Earth, no problem... there are Linux versions for all of these. Call of Duty, I don't know. It may run with Wiine, I've never tried it. You could install Windows with a Virtual Box in Ubuntu, but it does take a performance hit. I've been using Ubuntu Linux for several years and have had no problems.
Ubuntu is sadly not compatible with many programs. Especially games. Please understand this and do NOT be confused: YOU CANNOT DO ANY GAMING WITH UBUNTU! ALL LINUX DISTRO'S DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO RUN ANY REAL GAMES OUTSIDE OF ONLINE FLASH GAMES. Most freeware programs like Limewire are available on Ubuntu, and Firefox is the only browser that comes preinstalled into ubuntu. also, installing programs can become quite annoying most of the time, because when things get complicated, you need to type in some code into the command prompt. Generally, if you're a not computer-smart user, i suggest you refrain from using ubuntu


Wine is a compatibility layer that does a good job of adding some exe compatibility to Linux, but it has problems with most games. Check http://appdb.winehq.org/ , it has listing of games and how compatible they are with Wine. I would still advise you to keep your Windows partition.

CoD 6: probably not(idk), check the website above
Google Earth: has a Linux port(YES), get it here http://earth.google.com/intl/en/thanks.html#os=linux
Limewire: Ubuntu is preinstalled with a torrent client, but I assume Limewire would work
Mozilla: has a Linux(Ubuntu/Debian specifically) port, that means definitely

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