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Firefox Crashing? Never did before?
I've had Firefox for well over a year and a half and it's always worked great. Much better than IE in my opinion.

I installed the new version, or update, or whatever it was that just came out earlier in the week and ever since Firefox will either stop working (won't load pages) or crashes repeatedly

Any advise? I don't want to give up on Firefox..



reinstall the older version


save your favorites and then uninstall firefox, reboot the computer and install it again. its possible something got corrupted during your download of the new version.
(Re)Install the latest version, removing all extensions and preferences (3.0.4 as of now) and start firefox without add-ons. Reinstall the extensions one at a time until a crash occurs to pinpoint which add-on causes the crash.



Download & Save latest version Firefox 3.0.4

Download CCleaner

Un-install Firefox.

Run CCleaner.

Restart PC.

Install downloaded Firefox 3.0.4.

Run CCleaner.
sometime it would be a virus or something like that ,so uninstall the firefox and download the new version and scan and install.

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