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Is SnK really worth the watch? Why/Why Not?
I have heard of it, it's really popular. I have heard a lot of mixed things about it, and I see it all the time on my Tumblr dash. Is it even really worth it? The fans have pretty much killed it for me, meaning it's just a nuisance to see on my dash. Someone I respect watches it, but I don't know their stand on it. Other than that, I have steered clear of it, for other personal reasons. Should I give it shot? Why or Why not?


While the main characters are a tad lacking and too shounen-like to be anything note-worthy, visually, it is, for lack of a better word, epic. It is overrated, but it is still a fairly good anime and might be, at the very least, worth trying.


Yeah, to me it's definitely a show worth watching, and at the very least try and throw off as much hype, and hate on it, and just give it a chance, 3-ep rule or whatever. It's unfortunate that the immense hype have made it seem like the greatest anime in the world, and the natural response for many people is attempting to overthrow hype with hate, creating this mixed bag of hypers and haters, shoving the show into everyone's faces. But in the end it's the same thing with other ultra-hype shows, if you haven't seen it, the fanbase should be generally ignored, as hard as that might be. If it's something that might interest you, or seems like a viable anime to watch, it's in your best interest to give it a chance.

Now on the show, the animations good, the soundtrack as well. I agree with Mircea, as the show, as graphic and dark as it tries to be, is in it's core a shounen. So, if a somewhat darker, bloodier shounen about giant naked men trying to eat people sounds interesting enough, as it was for me, give it a watch.

Ignore the hype, ignore the hate, go for it and make your own opinion, because in the end you just might like it.

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