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Yahoo Messenger conversation history problem?
First off, I keep seeing people ask about this problem, and getting an answer saying, "Yahoo Messenger only saves Instant Messages, not SMS"... even when the person asking for help specifically says that the problem they're having IS with Instant Messages, and not SMS; so please don't answer without reading the question.

I just downloaded Yahoo Messenger (the "download version", given on the official site. I have no idea what other version there is besides "the download version") version I have had Conversation History enabled since the start, a few days ago. And I find that only PART of an INSTANT MESSAGE conversation was saved. It was broken right in the middle of a conversation. And since that break, it doesn't show anything beyond that point, nor any subsequent conversations with that contact. (The one and only contact I've used Yahoo Messenger to talk to, so far.) Strangely, under the contact's name, it shows a little preview, which DOES show the beginning of the most recent IM, but when I click into the conversation, it still only shows up to the same spot, and shows nothing that has been written since then.

All of it was via IM, no SMS. All of it was a single PC to a single PC. And again, the problem point occurred right in the middle of a conversation, so I see no reason that the Conversation History should work fine...and then abruptly stop.

I have to say, it's extremely ...irritating... to put it very nicely. And from what I'm seeing on here, it's a problem that has been going on for several months. Can the glitch really be that hard for Yahoo to find and fix?!
Thank you, ♪♪ЁǟŘή♫♪. I THINK that first link may be the solution I needed. I still don't understand the reason, but I signed into my Yahoo mail account, and then opened my conversation history, and most of it is there. The conversation that got cut, however, is still missing. I'm not sure about why. But later conversations are showing now.

I still don't understand the problem, though, because the instructions in that link say "Conversation History will not be available if the Yahoo! Mail account has never been accessed." It says "NEVER" been accessed; but I access my Yahoo Mail all the time. So, I am wondering now if I have to access my Yahoo Mail EACH time I want to check my conversation history... which seems a bit ungainly. But this at least gives me a major clue to help solve the problem in the future. Thank you very much, ♪♪ЁǟŘή♫♪.


Go to This Link , This Is Link to you Know How to Fix your problem

This can be helpful when one or more of the following is true:
You are unable to view or access message archives in version 11 of Yahoo! Messenger.
The Conversation History option or tab is missing / not appearing in menus or in Preferences.

Conversation History will not be available if the Yahoo! Mail account has never been accessed.

Since Conversation History is stored in your Yahoo! Mail account, this feature will not function without first accessing the Mail account associated with your Yahoo! ID.
Here's how to sign in to your Yahoo! Mail account and begin saving Conversation History:
Visit Yahoo! Mail to add this product to your Yahoo! ID.
Sign in with your Yahoo! ID and password, if necessary.
If you encounter any problems upgrading your Yahoo! ID with Yahoo! Mail, please visit Yahoo! Mail Help for further assistance.
Once you have accessed Yahoo! Mail with your Yahoo! ID, you can import any existing message archives from older versions of Yahoo! Messenger into your Conversation History.

This document explains how to review message archives.

To search your past messages, you need to have turned on archiving, to learn how see How to turn on message archiving in Yahoo! Messenger.
Here's how to search the history of your instant messages:
Click Message History in the top-right area of the page.
Type what you're looking for in the search box in the "My History" tab.
Click Search.
- You'll see a listing of the messages that match your search term(s) displayed below.
Click on a line in the "With" column on the left and the message will be displayed in the "Message" column on the right.
Note: Windows Live contacts aren't archived, so please be aware that they won't appear within the message history.
This article explains how you can retrieve old messages from the archives stored locally on your computer.

Archives are saved in lightly encrypted .DAT files, and can only be viewed by the Yahoo! ID that created them. These archives are stored locally on your system, so the conversations held on one computer are only accessible from that computer.
Archives are not stored on the Yahoo! Messenger servers. If the archived messages are not set to "save," or if archives are missing or deleted from your computer, then they cannot be retrieved.
NOTE: Uninstalling Yahoo! Messenger will NOT remove these files.
To view your message Archives:
Sign in to Yahoo! Messenger.
Select Contacts in the main menu.
Select Message Archive.
This displays the archive, with messages organized by your contact names.
Hope I Helped !



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