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if i re install google chrome will i lose all my bookmarks?
if so, how do i back them up


Yes if u reinstall , no if u Upgrade
Use other browser to import bookmarks and then import the bookmarks back to chrome


Hit ctrl shift O

hit organize then export bookmarks to HTML file
No unless you when unistall it you do tell him to delete everything.take care what it says when unistall so you can keep your settings.Good browser.


If you update, you won't, be if you uninstall and then install again, you'll lose. So, first reinstall any other browser and import the bookmarks and cookies from chrome to the browser(say Firefox). Now, reinstall chrome and import the data from Firefox, which consist of the bookmarks and cookies of chrome!
Best option: Go into Chrome settings and set up your boommarks to sync to a google account. When you remove chrome and re-install it, you turn on the sync again and it'll restore everything. Of course you could do what the other poster suggested and export your bookmarks to an HTML file and import them again after you're finished.
I am not sure about that but you can do this just incase follow this path:

"\Users\{user name}\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default" on
Vista and in
"\Documents and Settings\{user name}\Local Settings\Application Data
\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default" in XP
The file is called "History"

on your computer and copy them to somewhere else then when you reload it just copy them back.
No, it will save your bookmarks.
yes u will loose
Backup of Bookmark

1. Press Ctrl+shift+O
2. Click on organize
3. Export bookmarks to HTML file
4. Save

Import of Bookmark
1. Press Ctrl+shift+O
2. Click on organize
3. Import bookmarks From HTML file
4. select file and click on open



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