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The Happiness planet index is complete bullshit?
no, this isn't a question.

I was looking at the website and stats. It turns out the western countries (mainly the USA) is marked down nearly 70 places for having a large ecological footprint (NOTHING TO DO WITH HAPPINESS) http://economix.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/0…

look for yourself
compare the stats of the USA compared to countries with indexes twice that of the USA. The usa has half of the index of Brazil despite having better stats in all of the index's components except ecological footprint and therefore has HALF, HALFFFFFFFFFFF, the index.

This index is a ******* scam trying to convince the world we don't need stuff to be happy (which I mainly agree with) but doing it in a hate the USA because it pollutes tone.


Have you ever been to Los Angeles? The pollution there is so so bad, you can't even see the mountains. That's certainly a reason to lower happiness.


Yeah, that 's complete BS.
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Well that sucks.
But this link works: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/dailybrew...44661.html
If you click the full list link, you'll find the US isn't too shabby when it comes to happiness.



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