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Modeling Question. Help?
I am going to apply to my local modeling agency in Pittsburgh, Pennsyvlania. It is the Docherty Modeling Agency and I prey much know for sure that they are not a scam. If I were to get accepted and signed what kind of work would I do being 14 years old and primarily interested in runway or editorial modeling being slim and 5'10? Also, being a teenage model for a local agency in Pittsburgh would I still travel to different places for the job? Lastly, about how much could I make?

Thank you so much and God Bless you all! < 3


Focus on school.


your thinking way ahead ....... first of all thats if you get it im not sure if the agency you are applying for is legit but i know ford models ... if you get selected to ford models they pay to take you to jobs in italy , paris, london some agency require you to pay .. research more on the agency but i would prefere trying for ford because ford is one of the best in the world and has a agency in almost every state ( country) the pay it all depends on the job offere for example lets say a really famous brand like armani wants you to do a runway for them of course you are going to get payed ALOT but if its just some unknown the pay is alright.. also in the begining dont expect much at all because you are a beginner (the more famous the model the better pay) GOOD LUCK Smile)

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