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Amber Telcom (Amber Pro Inc worldwide company reg no 509072 BVI) offers adult entertainment partnerships.?
Their address is: 17 Ensign House, Admirals Way, Docklands, London, E14 9XQ
I am looking at ways to supplement my income, but am struggling to find out anything further about this company – scam or genuine?


I don't know about the company but that address is a virtual office meaning there are no businesses there, it's a service people pay for to receive mail at a London address
Where is their physical office - meaning where would you go to meet them in person to discuss any sort of business? I would try to find out where their physical office is and set up a meeting to discuss the business - don't do anything over the internet with any company you are unsure of

I found this on post http://www.justanswer.com/general/1yp8z-tell-anything-website-called-www-amberprotel-com.html claiming you have to pay them, not the other way around

Here is a legal website and it's interesting that the two positive reviews come from people with 1 post whose accounts got banned http://www.thelaw.com/forums/showthread.php?t=44258

I don't know how reputable either post is but something to keep in mind. It's good to read the good and the bad about any company


The chances of it being genuine are remote, it has the look and feel of a scam!
If information is not readily available, what does that tell you?


I can assure you this is a SCAM - I actually purchased the option 3 package promising me £57,000 per year and 16 months later have not made a penny! The actual system is just not workable and in the end they blamed me for it not working even though I paid a lot of money out to a marketing company they recommend. Neither Amber or the marketing company respond particularly well to emails and do not make any contact unless you contact them. I have heard nothing from them now for 9 months! Please do not waste your money......
I invested in the option 3 package with Amber Telcom 8 months ago and am now making money from it, their marketing system really works providing you put in at least 15 hours each week. I started out badly and thought it would make some money without me doing too much but got put straight by one of the Amber Support staff and with their help I'm getting back on track.
Not sure about a previous posting here from "name withheld" but if you do little or nothing then expect little or nothing in return.
From what I know, the company is internet based and has several offices around the world taking care of post and accounting matters, I don't know if all their offices are flexy but it doesn't really matter if it works.
I did talk with John Amber before investing and got around to asking where his company was based and as he said, he always worked from the USA and that's where he first started but the company can't be in every town or country in the world where people want to join them, it would defeat the whole point of being internet based.
I contacted some of his website partners before investing and apart from the UK, I spoke to partners in Ireland, USA, South Africa, France and Holland before satisfying myself this was a genuine opportunity.
I think anyone going into this or any other type of business should do so with their eyes open and be prepared to do some work, not just look at what they can make from it.
I'd be willing to share what I know on this forum with anyone who has doubts, it's too easy to call something a scam from the outside.
I'm from Canada and have had a complete plan website with Amber Telcom for 4 years and assure you this is not a scam as some others are suggesting. I do not think for one moment a company that has been around for almost 15 years could survive ripping people off.
I don't know about their London office being flexy or whatever but I know several Amber's partners from the UK and other parts of the world who make money from this business.
It's not without it's drawbacks, like for instance you need to do what they tell you to do but providing you can read and carry out a few simple instructions, and I mean real simple, you just activate your business and send Amber a weekly report from an online tracker they set you up with.
You must be willing to do some online marketing from year 2 and the Amber support team taught me how to take over the marketing so I was ready to follow their system which takes me up around 15 hours weekly.
I can understand those that may have failed being upset but I can't see how they failed unless they just put some money in and walked away from it for a few months then got upset when they realized they didn't make any money.

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