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I need advise, someone is trying to scam me?
Ok so I sold a car for 1700 dollars, car was working perfect he ran it for 30 minutes, and gave me a check. Two days later he puts a stop to the check and sends the car back with a tow truck, the driver said that he was coming from a mechanic shop, and was instructed that the guy we sold it to lived in our house. We said that was not true and they took it back. Now I owe 1700 dollars to the bank and do not have a working car. He is sending me these bulshit texts saying " the car stopped working," AZ has a lemon law and you broke it"? "its a civil matter and the cops won't do anything, be smart and take it back" " do the right thing don't be shady, be better than that"
I am thinking that he changed something in the shop and then wanted to give it back to us. He send me text saying that since I rejected the car he will keep it for a while and then sell it for parts.

Ok so the court told me to file a small case form, and I am.

I need advise on the car since I cant use a lawyer in this type of court? Should I get it back? should I go to the shop and ask them what he had done ?This guy is shady and he is trying to put the blame on me.He is trying to intimidate me with his text.
p.s What is a lemon law and ow exactly did I break it? I live in AZ.... the car was working perfect!


You sold the car "As Is" and the buyer takes the risk. You are entitled to your money. Go to court!


I would think you would have a case for theft. He has the car and you don't have the money. He test drove the car, accepted it and drove away with it. Then he stopped payment on the payment. Should be pretty simple to win in small claims court.
Since you are pretty sure the guy is a scam artist, it would be smart to talk to a lawyer. Most cities have a Legal Aid Society that will help people with simple questions for free or for a small fee. Even if you speak to a regular civil attorney, it is worth an hour's fee (up to a couple of hundred dollars,) in order to understand the law and how the small claims court works. (The downside, unless AZ law is different, even if you win, the court will not compel the other guy to pay you, you may have to wind up suing him in the long run.)
Go quickly, if the lawyer tells you to try to get the car back, time is of the essence.
The important lesson here is--next time--get a certified check. It can't be canceled, or insist in going to the buyer's bank to cash the check before releasing the car.

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