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No scam survey websites???? PLEASE HELP!?
I'm looking to make a little extra side money, and I've been hearing lots about getting paid for taking online surveys. I'm not willing to give out credit card info, and I don't want any scams. Anyone know where to go?


The first place that comes to mind is MyPoints, though it's not really cash. You can earn points which can be redeemed through gift cards. I don't really buy things through them (though you can to earn more points), but I just open their emails and take surveys. I get about $100 of gift cards a year.


Try paidviewpoint.com

Not only is it real, but they pay real cash.

they put it in your paypal account.

Plus a nice benefit is that they don't have those long drawn out surveys.

Every survey takes less the 3-1/2 minutes to complete.

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