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Verve Energy Drink?? SCAM?
I was invited to a party where they are going to try and make me a partner to spread the word about verve energy drink.. I have ruled out the pyramid scheme because its a MLM but I'm still not convinced . Can some one help?


My best advice would be as follows.

#1. Find out who audits them. I always feel more safe and secure when I know who does their "tax colonoscopy," as I like to put it. The place I am at right now is audited by Ernst & Young, which really put the load off so I can tell others about it without risk

#2. Find out what phase your company is in. Have they hit their momentum?? I always like the companies before they become a household name.. Kind of like buying stock in Microsoft in 1982 compared to 20 years later. Who benefits more? The man who bought in 1982

#3. Feel out the competition. The health/energy drink market is SATURATED beyond belief. You are talking about 6,000 MLM companies competing within a $250 billion industry. That's alot of people going for a piece of the pie, so be absolutely confident in the product.

#4. The secret to MLM is that it's all about YOU. Compare the sellers.. Seller #1 says "Yeah, I just joined this company. We sell an energy drink. It's not too bad. Want to try it? Seller #2 says "You will not believe what I just came into!! I am telling you, I have tried Monster, Red Bull, even some 5 Hour. None of it compares to Verve! I tried it and was sold, and I really have to get you down to try some!" Which one of the 2 are you going to buy from or be convinced easier by? It's never about what you sell, but how you sell it.

#5. Your sponsor. You always need a story. If your sponsor is not in it 100% for you, then you may have to reconsider because nobody can succeed in this marketing system alone. You need a branch from above to reach out for so you can have your 3rd party credibility. That really backs up your belief in the product so your friends and family can see that you are really in it to win it and you have a friend who is already winning.

#6. Understanding a Pyramid Scheme. There are many out there, and they have jaded the overall perception of direct sales and multi-level. One must know that a Pyramid Scheme is when money is exchanged and there is absolutely no product or service on the other end. You obviously have an energy drink with Verve, so it is legal. Pyramid Schemes are illegal, most of all.

If you use Verve, drink it, and will stand by it over all of the other products, then I would recommend you really getting serious about becoming a member. It's a hard sell for me because of the industry it is in, but I wouldn't prevent others from it or recommend they go in another direction. Best of luck to you!



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