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Are there any colleges that offer online classes?
Please, I am looking for legitimate answers. I need colleges that offer degrees for legal studies or anything law. I am looking for online colleges too, due to the situation I am in right now. I have tried Kaplan, but I do not like it. I have also heard it is just a money scam. What about Everest? Has anyone heard anything about this? Any other ideas?


Here's the deal. Online law degrees are worthless. You'll never get a good job with an online law degree. That's why there are law schools. You won't even get a good degree at many real law schools. There are tiers of law schools, and the combination of the prestige of the school along with your class standing among your peers, will directly determine which law firms will hire you. If you are an average student from an average law school, you'll be a dime-a-dozen lawyer handling immigration cases all day. Hope you speak Spanish. With an online degree, you probably won't pass the bar exam, and even if you do, your only option will be to rent your own office, advertise, and hope nobody ever looks closely at the degree on your wall. If you were in legal trouble and needed a lawyer to get you out of jail or to save you a lot of money in a civil dispute, would you hire a lawyer from Fly-By-Nite Online Legal Academy? You would be very unwise if you did.


So you are seeking for online degree classes. Thank me that i found you. Yes there are lots of online degree classes ...The website below is really helpful for you. You can get a lot of information an can join there for online degrees.

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