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How long should it take to fully erase an iPhone 3Gs?
I've used the 'erase all content and settings' option on my old iPhone 3Gs as I'm giving it to someone else but it's been running all day and still hasn't finished. I know it can take a 'long' time but how long is it likely to be?

Is 8 hours (so far!) too long or should I leave it running overnight?

It constantly showing the spinning cogwheel at the moment.

Thanks guys.


Well, it most definitely shouldn't take anywhere near that long.. I would suggest plugging it in to a PC or Mac, then hold down both the home and power buttons until it turns off. Then hold down the power button, 5 seconds later, continue to hold down the power button but also hold down the home button, 10 seconds later, release the power button and wait for the iPhone to appear on the devices pane in iTunes. Now, ignore the message which pops up and press 'restore', the iPhone is now fully wiped and should take max 10 mins.

Joe Wink



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