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Convo between best guy friend and me!?!?!?
A few days after I broke up with my now ex-boyfriend. (btw the 7minute pause was just no texting and randomly he sent a second text. sorry for the spelling im on my iphone)
"hahaha you'll find a guy don't worry"
":( i hope"
"you will"
"okay.. thanks for the supprt aha"
"hahaha anytime"
-7 minutes pass-
"and trust me you'll fond someone"
"you seriously believe that?"
"i do"
"why would i not?"
"because im like... me lol"
"do you wana know a secret?"
"uhh i'm scared but sure haha"
"before i knew you were going out with (insert ex-bf name here) at the very begining of the year i liked you so idk why other guys wouldn't"
"hahaha yea sorry its weird"

he currently has a girlfriend, and right after he told me this he asked me fpr advice about getting a balance betweeb physical and emotional aspwxts of their relationship... so now i'm confised. do you think he still likes me even though he has a gf and it's been almost a year since the time he claims he liked me?? i'm kinda confused... any advice is appreciated<3


It is still possible that he likes you, especially if he's your best friend. Feelings like that don't go away that quickly (I know that from a lot of my guy friends crushing on one of my girl friends). He probably wanted a girlfriend in the first place to try and get over you being taken. So yes, I do think he likes you, but I suggest that you don't do any rational that results in him breaking up with his current girlfriend for you, it will not end well. Hope that helps!



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