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iPhone 4s: Difference between Camera Roll and Photo Stream?
I am new to the phone.
Whenever I take a picture it goes on Camera Roll and when I look at it, the picture goes on Photo Stream as well.
This is simple but kind of redundant when I have to delete pictures from both albums.
I am just wondering if I should automatically delete photos off of the Camera Roll once they are on the photo stream... Would that me more efficient and save space? Or does it not matter? Any suggestions?


Camera Roll is the local library wherein all your captured photos are stored. Photo Stream, on the other hand, shows all photos synced to your iCloud account.
To disable automatic photo syncing to your iCloud, go to Settings app > iCloud and switch off Photo Stream.

Also, do check out Camera Plus Pro, a photo and video capturing and sharing app with photo editing.
Here's the link<http://bit.ly/K9E6kp>



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