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Why does my ex boyfriend block me and then unblock me on facebook?
If you read my previous questions,that will give you some background information,a little too much info lol,but yeah i have been well so far...i try my best to keep myself busy.I have noticed he blocks me and unblocks me and if not he deactivates his account and then reactivates it again.okay..i know,how do i know? I cant help stalking him a little...I set my privacy settings to public,so he can see how happy i am without him.Is he unblocking me to see what i am up to?

we were best best friends too,very close and even made up our own dances and songs...crazy,right? okay i told a friend of mine to invite him on bbm as a "random contact" and eventually she had a way of letting him open up about his relationship problems.He first thought it was me and kept asking if it was.She made up any story,like saying her ex would hit her. I asked her to ask him if he loves me and he said "not anymore" then i told her to ask if he has someone else and he said no he doesnt have anyone.

I was his first girlfriend..how does one feel so confident about moving on so fast? if he really doesnt love me like he says he does..any tips on how to get over him? Is he pretending? He also dropped out of school when we broke up. I AM SO CONFUSED! I sent him a facebook message after 2 weeks of no contact saying : "I love you very much baby"..he blocked me after he got the message and then unblocked me again or either he deactivated his account and reactivated it again.He's crazy...who does that? he always does it though.Any answers?


He is inexperienced. If you really like him have patience.



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