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My HTC Wildfire S (Metro Pcs) is giving me radio interface resource shortage error?
Then when I click on the "details" it says Cause Code 64, Error Class 2.
This is less than 2 days from a software upgrade that I was prompted to perform in my status bar. Initially I didn't have enough internal memory for the upgrade so I uninstalled some apps and performed the upgrade.
I googled it, but came up empty. Do I need to factory reset? I can't make or receive calls or texts so I can't dial a #8226 or whatever Verizon users call. I can't even call Metro PCS to see if there's a resolution available, and there's no option for live tech support at the website. I do not have an alternative line for calls. "Smart phone" has outsmarted me again. Sad I literally just bought the phone a week ago...


Ehh dont be dissapointed , that could happen to anyone . I suggest you search for tech support compani like http://www.supercheapit.com who offer it suport but android+ios support too.
You could contact them if there's no option for live tech support at the website you tried .
If that won't do it for you . You should send the phone back to it's manufacter . I think you have a warranty since you're phone is one week old ...


Maybe there is something wrong with your billing information or it could be that the system didn't update properly. Try calling the MetroPCS support group at (800) 373-2876.They can have a look into your account to see if there has been any errors on your account, you will need your 8-digit pin or security question before-hand. If there is nothing wrong, then a factory reset is the next best option. Just make sure to backup your contacts into your memory card and you'll be all set. Factory Reset for Wildfire S: Hold "down volume" key and "power key", hold until the "clear storage" is highlighted. Press "volume up" for yes.

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