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how do i set my giffgaff network on my HTC Desire S ?? PLZ HELP!?
well i got a htc desire s phone and i just started using giffgaff but the thing is that the network dont work!!! i been researching for like past 3 days and tried everything but nothing works! and on giffgaff webpage it only says hts desire but there isnt a htc desire s model :'( im currently on :
name: giffgaff
APN: giffgaff.com
Port: 8080
Username: giffgaff
Password : password
MMS: WAP 2.0
MCC: 234
MNC: 10

so yeah whats wrong? because it says its connected but i cant get on the interent because it says "this application requires network settings. :'( can anyone plZ help me out?

Thanks gabby.
by the way some people say i need a wifi to download some stuff for it to work but the thing is that i dont have a wifi so is there anything else i can do?
oh yeah and another thing is that when i send settings to 2020 they say they r having trouble to set my network up so i have to do it manually


text " settings" to 2020 , let them install. giff gaff is on the 02 network so any settings are the same as 02 .


I never really understand people write the "slang" they use when speaking
"I been researching for like past 3 days"; "so yeah"; "oh yeah" ? but that is me

Assuming that the above is correct, FYI these are the same for all phones XE / XL Nokia Sony etc

The short answer is if you have accessed the internet SUCCESSFULLY previously using another network' X', before Giff Gaff the reason why you cannot access the internet is......
the phone settings are pointing or directed to the network 'X' but need to be Giff Gaff

The LONG answer

Access Point Name (APN) is a computer protocol that typically allows a user's computer to access the Internet using the mobile phone network.

So when you connect to the internet it is either by 3G or Wifi, the phone has a unique APN for each

Wifi does 2 things turns OFF the 3G signal and turns ON Wifi , After using Wifi you have to re connect to 3G

Turning WIFI off is just that turning WIFI OFF, 3G is still off in that it is now pointing to the Wifi 'address', SO the internet icon will not connect you to the 3G internet.

So to use Wifi you activate it... but AFTER using wifi.....
you have to do MORE procedures to reconnect to 3G***

*** your APN is pointing to Network 'X' [so below as it is the SAME procedure to switch] change it to Giff Gaff

Settings / Wireless & networks. / Mobile networks / Network operators or Access Point Names.

So if you were to later get Tesco Mobile, 1) Tesco Mobile sim card. 2) Obtain Tesco mobile APN 3) Change the APN from Giff Gaff to Tesco mobile
This app should sort the settings
Hope this helps Smile



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