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Facebook Error: "Sorry, something went wrong."?
Tried to log in, and got the message "Sorry, something went wrong.

We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can."

I don't know if this caused it or not, but for the past few days I wasn't able to complete security check (that wanted me to enter a confirmation code they sent to my phone) because I didn't have access to my old cell phone number. I submitted a report stating that and got an email asking me to confirm my identity by sending a picture of a government issued ID. I did so; however, the next time (a few hours later) I tried to log in, this error message showed up.

Screenshot of problem:


All i can say was that you need to wait....try to log-in tomorrow....


try cleaning out your temp files and history then restarting your computer if that doesnt work then its facebooks servers are down
just go to Facebook, then try to login, enter an invalid password, and then change your password, allow facebook to send a confirmation code, and after youve change your password…that’s it…good luck!!! so, all you have to do guys is just change your password...



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